VR Racing

Racing in the “real” street or space, Immersive Fast & Furious Game Experience Most interactive driving you never played!

Feel Rich and More Realistic Driving Motion Effects By VRDMS (Optional)

Industry-leading Dofx solution to make motion matching more accurate and effective. You can clearly feel the movement of the car on the track, the grass, the rough road, the collision…


Industry’s Most Advanced Real-time Dofx Motion Solution
Develeped by Owatch

World Leading solution from Owatch, With the help of RPC-ICB (Real-time Posture Calculation Integrated Circuit Box), the Physics feedback of motion is more sensitive, accurate, and more realistic!

WHAT’S VR Racing Simulator

Compare to the normal driving simulator, the most advantages of the VR racing is, when you wear the VR headset, it’s quite immersive and feel like you’re inside the real car, which the cylinders will move synchronously which comply with your steering, left, right, vibration…

Car Driving Simulator – 3DOF Platform Motion Simulator


19“ HD TV, Game Show Synchronously


Deepoon E3 Headset


Logitech G G29 game steering wheel


3 Surrounding Speakers


Professional Direction Wheel, Metal Brake, Refueling, Pedals

Double motor feedback technology, non-linear brake pedal pressure-sensitive braking system, providing sensitive and accurate racing experience in the VR Driving simulator

Adjustable Seat

Move forward and backward, more comfortable driving experience

Game show on TV synchronously

Attract passing customers, Available to put customized advertisement video, Important tool

Surrounding Hi-Fi Speakers

The semi-closed Chair shape Achieve full surround sound, subwoofer effect is very good!

DEEPOON E3 VR Headset / All New Version

2.5K Eye-protective LCD Screen ( 70Hz )
High-grade Fresnel Lens
110°FOV & IPD Adjustment ( 54-74mm )
Low latency Low afterglow No dizziness
Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design
Compact and Lightweight ( 305g only )